Weight Loss Packages Starting at only $99 including 4 injections!

There are more options than ever for medical weight loss but if you’re like many patients, it’s all gotten very overwhelming.
That’s where MedFIT comes in.
With more than 20+ years of combined medical and weight loss experience, we are ready to get you started on your journey.

Begin your Transformation
Better Health

Better Life

Better Tomorrows

How we do that:

  • Working directly with a leading national pharmacy allows us to offer the most current medications such as semaglutide (AKA Ozempic) or tirzepatide (AKA Mounjaro) at the LOWEST prices possible.
  • We also offer older yet highly effective, traditional weight loss medications. With multiple options, we will find a plan that best suits your needs and stays within your budget. Pre-payment is available for additional savings.
  • Through our longtime connection we are able offer Xymogen professional-grade nutraceuticals. Trusted by doctors, Xymogen’s formulas are of the highest quality and made in the USA.  Formulated, manufactured, packaged, and shipped directly from Xymogen in their Orlando, FL facility you can rest assured knowing each supplement you take is among the best available.
  • We are committed to offering patients real results at the best possible price.

Weight Loss Packages including 4 injections

Starting at ONLY $99

There’s never been a better or more affordable time.

We offer true medically supervised weight loss to patients who need help in the Belmont, Gastonia and Charlotte area

How We Help Today and Into the Future

Starting at your initial visit we’ll work together to come up with the most effective plan to help you not only lose the weight while you’re being treated but also educate you on how to maintain your new weight & lifestyle.

Food Choices

Let us be your guide to better food choices. We will help you learn what to eat and when to eat. We know paying for expensive meal plans & cooking every meal at home isn’t for everyone. We offer great suggestions about how to eat out or even on the go!


Sure, in a perfect world you’d become an exercise nut but in the real world we help our patients find the most effective path to successfully increase exercise based on current fitness level and available time.


Not only do we prescribe medications but we also offer supplementation. Our experience in both new and old medications allows us to come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle, health, fitness goals, and budget.

Is Medical Weight Loss Right For You?

Achieving long-term weight loss requires dedication and a sustained commitment. It’s essential not to delay this journey indefinitely, but it’s equally important to ensure that you’re prepared to make lasting alterations to your eating and activity patterns. Reflect on the following questions to gauge your readiness:

  1. Am I genuinely motivated to lose weight, or is it just a passing desire?
  2. Are external pressures and distractions hindering my focus on weight loss?
  3. Do I rely on food as a coping mechanism for stress?
  4. Am I open to learning and implementing alternative stress management strategies?
  5. Do I require additional support from peers or professionals to navigate stress effectively?
  6. Am I prepared to overhaul my eating habits for the long term?
  7. Am I willing to adopt consistent changes in my physical activity routine?
  8. Can I allocate sufficient time and effort towards implementing and maintaining these changes?

If you find that stressors or emotional barriers are impeding your readiness, consider discussing these concerns with your healthcare provider. Once you’re mentally and emotionally prepared, setting goals, maintaining commitment, and transforming your habits will become more manageable and sustainable.

Ready To Start?

No practice in our area cares more about offering you higher quality care at the lowest possible prices.
Give us a call to get on the path to a slimmer and happier you.

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